Biomedical waste management and disposal

Biomedical waste management and disposal

The composition of biomedical waste is complex and morphologically varied. Containing harmful and dangerous materials which can lead to the spread of infectious diseases it is classified as hazardous  to the environment and general public.

In order to minimise any potential risks associated with the biomedical waste, it must be handled  correctly at every stage, from the waste collection and transportation to its sterilisation and disposal.

Tibor Health Care carries out the delivery of medical waste treatment machines for Class B and Class C waste. The equipment is a fully automated system which allows to control and maintain the parameters of the sterilisation process on a constant level. The waste is initially shredded, changing its physical properties and preventing it from being used again. Ecodas machines destroy all forms of sharps and pathological waste, microbial life, worms, viruses, cultures and stocks. Bacterial content of the resulting treated waste is significantly lower than that of the household waste.

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