Pharmaceutical packaging, filling and sealing machinery

Pharmaceutical packaging, filling and sealing machinery

Tibor Health Care provides fully automatic packaging systems developed for the manufacture of single and multi-chamber bags made from multi-layer polyolefin film material.

One bag making machine can produce up to 4,500 bags per hour. Standard bag sizes vary between 50 ml and 5,000 ml.


We also provide machines for:

  • filling and sealing of glass bottles and vials
  • STRETCH-BLOW-FILL-SEAL technology for plastic bottles
  • FORM-FILL-SEAL technology for non-PVC bags

Tibor Health Care can provide PLÜMAT bottling and sealing equipment for bottles, vials and canisters which vary in size between 50 ml and 50 litres. One bottling and sealing machine can process up to 12,000 bottles per hour.

PLÜMAT bottling and sealing systems have modular design which makes it easy to increase the production output. The systems can also be stocked with auxiliary devices such as distribution system for nitrogen and other gases, CIP/SIP systems.