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Based in the Hungary Tibor Healthcare operates in secure and comfortable legislative environment that minimizes financial and political risks for Tibor Health Care and its partners. In Hungary Tibor Healthcare receives world-class services from certified solicitors and accountants that make contracting and operations highly professional, hassle-free and secure.

With easy access to European markets, Tibor Healthcare is capable to arrange any size and complexity of order. Well-organized logistics and warehouse in central Europe allows Tibor Healthcare to consolidate orders from all-around Europe and optimize logistics and custom process on the way of products to countries around the globe.

To help you make an educated decision regarding using our services, here are some pros:
  • We have established relations with major European producers
  • We could help with financing of your order (subject to bank credit check)
  • We will aggregate parts of your order at our EU warehouse to minimize your shipping and custom costs.
  • Hassle free and secure contracting.

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